Anonymous asked: what drugs

I’ve never smoked any but i’ve wanted to try weed

Piff #spring weather 👌#flowers #cherryblossoms

Piff #spring weather 👌#flowers #cherryblossoms

Why can’t i get back to sleep :-(

Why can’t i get back to sleep :-(

At this moment in time i don’t want to ever smoke or drink alcohol or do drugs. I never want to feel this nauseous again

Right now i hate smoking. It makes me feel super sick and i never want to do it again

My boring life:

I haven’t smoked in so long. It’s making me super dizzy again

It’s always awkward waiting for a friend.

A friend’s been taught that korea is an asian tiger only because of japan. What the actual fuck.

and yay guys i didn’t throw up last night and i’m not hungover, only very dehydrated

i feel like my uterus is being ripped out and it sucks

guess who’s finished their physics notes :-)

out for dinner for my dad’s birthday but i kinda want to go home and work and sleep

forgot to mention, monday night had a fab time with my lovlies :-)

ngl wouldn’t really care if i died rn